Montag, 31. Januar 2011

LCP chair by Kartell

Eames La Chaise by Vitra

Tenochtitlan Candle Holder by DRIADE

Tenochtitlan Candle Holder, about 200 €     
Looks like a coral. Very stylisch and modern.

wow - clutches

Marylin Monroe - earrings

Be wild, animal rings

T-Rex Ring,

Rita the Rhino, $150.00

Diana the Panther, $160.00

Holly the Hippo,$175.00

Skinny the Skunk, $150.00

Penny the Peacock, $150.00

Goldie the Elephant, $175.00

Gilda the Goldfish, $98.00

Phillipe the Parrot, $175.00

Fig the Flying Pig, $180.00

They are so cool, aren´t they ? But they are very expensive.. You would have to pay $98.00 - $175.00. I like the special design with the stones. They are a girl-dream and I would buy them if they wouldn´t be so expensive. They are very funny and cute. Celebrities like Katy Perry wore two of them:

Cage lamps, by Diesel

Here are some of the lamps of the Cage-collection. I love them. They look like futuristic microphones, but they are inspiriet by old laterns and they remember the 1960s and 70s. When they are shining, will the colour changes a little bit. These lamps are an eye-catcher in every room and make any room more interesting.

welcome to my blog

Hello everybody!

This is my first blog. I will write about:
  • designer or normal gadges
  • furniture
  • architecture
  • accessoirs
  • fashion.
I will show you creative designs. There are cheap and expensive prices. So I will show you designer labels or stuff for everybody, who looks special and creative. I hope you will like my blog and you will like to read it. It will be inspiring and interesting for everyone who likes fashion, art and creativity.
Please stay in harmony and no Insults..
Thank you so much :)

Greetings, Jessica